Top 5 Best Dentist in Chandigarh – Nowadays looking for the Best Dentist in Chandigarh is a very difficult task. With 100s of well-qualified and professional dentists available in the city, choosing the best one is a bit confusing. However, when selecting the best one, you have to look out for much more than the dentist’s qualifications. You have to ensure that you are comfortable with the dentist as well as their staff is helpful.

In addition, Chandigarh is the Capital city of two neighbouring Indian states Haryana and Punjab. This city is actually a hub of quality healthcare services. When it comes to finding the top dentists in Chandigarh, the city has some of the best dentists in the country. In this article, we will discuss the Top 5 Best Dentist in Chandigarh based on their experience, expertise, and patient reviews.

Top 5 Best Dentist in Chandigarh

Top 5 Best Dentist in Chandigarh

1. Dr Sharma’s Dental Hub – Best Dentist in Chandigarh

Dr Sharma’s Dental Hub is one of the best Dental clinics that cater to all your dental requirements in Chandigarh. Well, a beautiful smile is appreciated by everyone. But a few do not have the luxury of enjoying a carefree smile. The reasons are yellow as well as missing teeth which can prevent people from their smile. We are working with an aim to make accessible all the latest technologies to the people of Chandigarh Tricity and help them to enjoy their carefree beautiful smiles. In addition, we take pride in being titled the best dentist in Chandigarh by various patients.

2. Dr Anshu Gupta – Dental Roots – Top 5 Best Dentist in Chandigarh

Dr Anshu Gupta is a renowned dentist in Chandigarh with years of experience in dentistry.  She is the founder of Dental Roots. She is known for her expertise in cosmetic dentistry and has helped numerous patients to achieve a perfect smile.

3. Dr Sumeet Garg

Dr Sumeet Garg is a Top dentist and the founder of Garg Dental Care a leading dental clinic in Chandigarh. He is known for his expertise in dental implants. Until now he has successfully placed thousands of implants in his career.

4. Dr Simran Kaur – Dental Excellence

Dr Simran Kaur is a well-known dentist in Chandigarh.  She has years of experience in dentistry as well as a founder of Dental Excellence. Moreover, She is known for her expertise in endodontics.

5. Dr Gaurav Sharma – Smile Art Dental Clinic

Dr Gaurav Sharma is a well-known dentist in Chandigarh. He is the founder of Smile Art Dental Clinic, a popular dental clinic in Chandigarh. He is known for his expertise in prosthodontics.


  • They educate you about your oral health – Being the best dentist in the city, we treat you and educate you. We ensure that everyone will know how to take care of their oral health in daily life.
  • They are dental care providers – Dental health is essential in overall health. Through various procedures, we ensure that your smile stays perfect.
  • Dentists research oral Health – Dentists help treat your dental issue, but they are also active in research fields.


  • We are offering painless dental treatment—all thanks to our expert dentists.
  • We use the latest trends and technologies to provide you with treatment.
  • Our expert dentists adhere to making your visit safe and comfortable using our modern technologies.
  • We are an ISO certified Best dental clinic in Chandigarh with having state of the art treatment techniques as well as instrumentation.
  • Our specialists include – Dental Implants, Filling and Root canal treatment, braces, aligners etc.
  • In addition, our clinic is perfect for people of any age group.

These are the top 5 Best Dentists in Chandigarh, based on experience, expertise, as well as patient reviews.  Whether you need a routine dental check-up or a complex dental procedure you can trust these dentists to provide you with the best possible care.

So, what are you waiting for? Dial 08219820535 and schedule your appointment with our dental experts.

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